Spring Maintenance Should Include More than an Oil Change

Spring Maintenance Should Include More than an Oil Change

Neglecting spring maintenance creates problems down the road

Spring Maintenance Should Include More than an Oil Change
Spring Maintenance using AMSOIL Synthetic Oil and Products

Paying attention to your vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule extends engine life and prevents costly repairs. As warmer weather approaches, many people get under the hood for some Spring Maintenance with a synthetic oil change.

While synthetic motor oil is often the only regular vehicle maintenance performed, multiple other fluids and components require attention for vehicles to perform at their highest level.

Synthetic Transmission Fluid
Transmission fluid must act as a lubricant protecting against intense heat and shearing, and also as a hydraulic fluid to enable shifting. Neglecting this vital fluid leads to heat stress, erratic shifts and catastrophic wear. AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid delivers superior friction durability and reserve protection against extreme heat and wear.

Synthetic Gear Lube
Gear lube helps prevent “thermal runaway” — a phenomenon caused by a lubricant’s inability to control friction and increased heat under high-stress conditions. AMSOIL synthetic gear lube inhibits rapid lubricant degradation and component damage. It offers superior gear and bearing protection, better friction and heat reduction, increased efficiency and extended service life.

Antifreeze/coolant protects cylinder heads and water pumps from metallic corrosion and prevents engines from over-heating and freezing. AMSOIL Antifreeze & Coolant inhibits the scaling issues common in cooling systems and effectively shields cylinder liners from cavitation erosion and corrosion pitting.

Synthetic Power Steering Fluid
This often over-looked fluid helps transmit the power in the power steering system while protecting components from wear and heat stress. Like all lubricants, it accumulates wear material and debris. Replenishing your power steering system with a quality power steering fluid can save you from the hassle of an expensive and labor intensive power steering pump replacement. AMSOIL Synthetic Power Steering Fluid synthetic chemistry delivers excellent lubricity and friction-reduction properties. It resists the effects of contaminants and temperature extremes to provide long, trouble-free service. 

Synthetic Brake Fluid
Transferring force into pressure, this fluid literally helps you put the brakes on.   Over time, water can work its way into brake lines and corrode brake parts, lines and seals. Maintaining your brake fluid helps contain water contamination and prevent system failure. AMSOIL Synthetic Brake Fluid keeps water in suspension, slowing its corroding effects. It lubricates braking components and maintains a stable viscosity over a wide temperature range to deliver safe, consistent braking.

Review the maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual to ensure all the components of your vehicle that need fresh fluid are up to date. 

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