AMSOIL Jeep Oil Kits Now Available!

Offroad Synthetics is now offering customized AMSOIL Jeep Oil change kits for your Jeep JT, JL, JK and TJ models. All other vehicle models contact us for availability

AMSOIL Jeep Oil Kits

Our kits include everything a Do-it-Yourselfer will need to provide AMSOIL protection for your Jeep. Our Jeep Oil change kits include your choice of Synthetic Oil (Signature Series or XL Series), your choice of oil filter EA or Wix (Extended service or Normal), and optional engine flush (recommended if switching over to AMSOIL Jeep Synthetic Oil)

AMSOIL Jeep JL Oil Kit
AMSOIL Jeep JK Oil Change Kit
Amsoil TJ

If you are not a Do-it-Yourselfer or simply do not want to perform your own Jeep Oil changes, no problem we can do that for you and send you reminders when it comes due again. Simply contact us for pricing or schedule through our online scheduling