Regear your Jeep JL Wrangler

Regear your Jeep JL Wrangler

There are multiple reasons you might want or need to regear your Jeep JL Wrangler, but the two main reasons are: The desire to recapture the lost drivability and fuel efficiency of a daily driven vehicle that has been upgraded with larger wheels and tires. The other is to fine tune the performance characteristics of a vehicle that is frequently taken offroad where the need for more low-end torque and acceleration is needed

Regear your Jeep JL Wrangler

With the release of the Jeep JL Wrangler, 37″ tires are the new 35’s and some owners opt to go even bigger. Unfortunately there is a very common trend amongst many Jeep JL Wrangler owners in which they think since they have an eight-speed transmission they don’t have to upgrade their Ring and Pinion gearset when they jump up in tire size. Their rationale in this thought process is the transmission’s  gear ratios cover a wide spread and ‘compensate’ for the additional tire diameter that comes with rolling bigger tires even sizes as big as 40s.

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Dont get us wrong, the Jeep JL Wrangler’s eight-speed automatic does a good job of adapting to the increased load of larger tires, in fact we have ran this way ourselves with our shop rigs for a brief period of time, but you wind up not realizing the full benefit of the tire upgrade if the transmission won’t shift into higher gears.

JL Rubicon on 37’s with 4.10 gears cruising in 6th gear at almost 70MPH on the highway

It’s not uncommon to see the tranny hanging out in sixth gear at light throttle on the freeway with oversized tires. Or to feel it shuttle shifting, trying to find the right gear for the situation. Even if you’re okay with that, the undue stress on the transmission can lead to early failure and a big hit to your wallet and also low fuel economy.

Changing your ring and pinion gears is the answer to regain your power curve and fuel efficiency. It will also lessen the unnecessary stress on the transmission constantly shifting back and forth trying to find the right ratio.

So when do you need to Regear your Jeep JL Wrangler and what gear ratio is best?

The answer to these questions really depends on a few factors and there isn’t a single cookie cutter answer or solution for every Jeep JL Wrangler owner and because of this we ask that you reach out to us to discuss your current setup as well as any future plans and we can review with you the options available and come up with a customized gearing solution (if needed) to regear your Jeep JL Wrangler right the first time!

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